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Protesters Getting Out of Control And Ending up in Dangerous Situations

Dumb Protesters

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Protesters gather together at a specified location and time to show support or protest a decision or incident. Protests have been part of freedom of expression and speech in the history. Washington, D.C. the nation's capital is famous for its ongoing protests and rallies. People want to raise awareness for a cause and join a protest for a solution. Some are voluntary protesters while others are forced due to social pressure. Some protesters are making dumb choices while others are just going to get paid.

Dumb Protesters Crowd

However, violent protests and organized protests that are going out of control are a big problem. Law enforcement officials are having hard time controlling the violent and dangerous protesters.

Some extremists do take advantage of the protests and create terrorist acitivities damaging the lives of the people involved. Such incidents are a challenge to the police and other law enforcement agencies.

Protesters join through groups that are formed in local communities, colleges, or religious institutions. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Emails, and websites are some of the mediums of networking for the protesters. Certain political protesters are paid to show up and create havoc. Several protests are organized simultaneously in different locations to fight for a cause or create awareness.

Dumb Protesters Law Enforcement

Ideally, protesters are getting together to show concerns for a cause. However, some are choosing to become full time protesters regardless of the cause or location.

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) are receiving special training and material to respond to the Dumb Protesters. FEMA is also distributing guidelines for managing the crowd dynamics and crowd control.

Types of Protesters

Dumb Protesters Types

Protesters can be classified based on their involvement and behavior. Special studies are being conducted on the crowd dynamics, crowd control, and changing crowd beahvior. Protesters behave differently in a group than they would behave as individuals.

Protesters can be a combination or belong to one of the following types:

  1. Short-tempered: Are triggered easily in to fights by insults or small incidents.
  2. Violent: Are more prone to violent fights and are inviting trouble.
  3. Anonymous: Are willing to remain anonymous in the protests by wearing masks.
  4. Follow Majority: Are going with the flow and join the protests to join the majority.
  5. Silent Support: Are supporting the protesters by standing or holding banners.
  6. Resist: Are willing to stand alone regardless of the majority and act alone.
  7. Extreme: Are having terrorist or extreme views and are ready to create havoc.
  8. Social Media: Are active on the social media networks and promoting the protests.

Different Causes Protesters Support

Protesters show support for different causes and fight for their rights. Every person or group have individual opinions about how a rule should be favoring the general population. If majority feel that a situation should be handled in a different way, they adopt protesting as one of the ways to show thier concerns.

Protesters do not expect that one demonstration would change everything. They keep protesting nevertheless. Here are some of the general causes people protest about.

Black Lives Matter
Muslim Rights
LGBT Rights
Religious Freedom

Pro Life
Abortion Rights
Equal Pay for Women
History Supporters
Free College

Immigrant Rights
Protect Police
Refugee Rights
Jobs for Americans
NFL Rights
Make in America

Some protests are happening simultaneously at the same location for exactly opposite reasons. Several online protests and petitions are also going on to raise awareness or show concern. Law enforcement allows people to protest in a peaceful manner. However, some Dumb Protesters are participating without being aware of what they are fighting for. This causes additional disturbances and disruption to normal lives for all.

Dumb Protesters Making Bad Decisions


Dumb Protesters have led to misleading signs, dumb warnings, and confusing and embarassing situations. Counter productive protests are common even by some major organizations. Here are some examples of Dumb Protesters:

  • McRib fans protesting after McDonalds announcing that they would discontinue McRib as part of marketing gimmick.
  • Protesting in the middle of the national anthem or other critical events.
  • Protesters unsure if they are marching for Women's rights or immigrant rights.
  • Anti-war protesters in San Francisco ingesting milk and red dye combination and vomiting to show their protests.
  • Protesters using tear gas and breaking things for no reason.
  • Church goers protesting famous musicians and Comic Con shows for unrelated issues.
  • Provocating silent viewers in to fights and riots.
  • PETA using interns as road side displays to protest animal cruelty.
  • Religious institutions protesting beer festivals for serving beer!
  • Sports fans rioting even after their favorite team winning the games.
  • Protesting during emergencies and mandatory evacuations such as tornadoes or hurricanes.

Did you ever come across such dumb protests and stupid signs. Jon the discussion!

Dumb Protesters Discussion
Dumb Protesters Discussion